UIVS: Next Level Security With Intelligent Surveillance Solutions

CIO Vendor The video surveillance market is on the path of transformation which can be attributed to advancing technologies, increasing integration, cross-functional video applications, video surveillance as a service (VSaaS) and better cyber security. In fact, several researches conducted predict that the global market for video surveillance and VSaaS will be worth 48.95 billion dollars by 2020, escalating at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.4 percent.

This growth is fuelled by today’s businesses that have expanded their operations and reach geographically. However, running such massive operations according to standard operating procedures (SOPs) is a huge challenge. To address this challenge, businesses are transitioning from legacy systems to implementing IP cameras along with smart surveillance systems and quality analytics, assisting businesses in achieving such standards while monitoring customer behaviour and securing premises with real-time surveillance. “CCTV Monitoring as a solution for safety and security is only one side of the coin. It can deliver tremendous results if it is strategically positioned, thus improving efficiency, productivity, pilferage control, labour management, quality control and inventory management,” elaborates Simarjeet Singh Dhillon, Co-Founder at United India Virtual Security (UIVS).

Guiding businesses along this transition and customizing each solution as per client’s requirements is Gujarat headquartered United India Virtual Security with its proprietary UIVS software, a cutting-edge surveillance solution in parallel with skilled human judgement. The company extends its services that span across Virtual Guarding Services, Virtual Manager Services, Virtual Gatekeeper Services, Virtual Store Manager Services and Virtual Housekeeping Manager Services. “UIVS software is equipped with a series of sensors like motion detectors, fire detectors, object tracking, facial recognition, license plate recognition, and so on. All these sensors work together very accurately, thereby leaving almost no chances of error or false alarms,” adds Sandeep Singh Dhillon, CoFounder at United India Virtual Security (UIVS).

Dedicated Team Of Professionals Meeting Business Goals
Having conducted market studies, UIVS with its team of highly adept professionals understand that the copious amount of time and manpower dedicated to monitor a broad range of videos can be an overwhelming challenge and thus are one of the only companies to have a QRT (Quick Response Team) in place to deal with any adversities.

Helping us understand the company offerings better, Simarjeet walks us through the Virtual Guarding Services. He goes on to tell us how his team takes a strategic approach in placing these virtual guards that are essentially high-end cameras on site for round-the-clock real-time surveillance. The cameras positioned at the allocated area are directly linked to UIVS’ centralised monitoring station. Eliminating the need for a large amount of man hours concentrated on these videos, the company takes it upon themselves to provide constant supervision with its vigilant security personnel, thereby cancelling out the rise of any false alarms. In the event of the occurrence of any suspicions or incidents, the team of trained security personnel act on it instantly by raising alarms and sirens along with two-way audio even before the said incident occurs. Depending on the level of urgency, the site manager is informed of the incident along with the local authorities such as the police, fire- brigade and ambulance in tandem with dispatching its own Quick Response Team.
Once on-board, the client is furnished with accurate video footage of the demarcated area. The software employed has been engineered with the ability of minute facial recognition and identification of license plate numbers. UIVS goes the extra mile to ensure superior levels of security by providing detailed analysis and recognition facilities.

Access To Vital Information On The Move
With smartphones stitched into the very fabric of our lifestyle, the team of experts designed and developed an integrated mobile app that helps clients access the desired locations at any time and monitor it live from anywhere. The client can not only view the live footage but can also see past recordings in HD clarity. An investment that requires minimum effort with a myriad of benefits, clients can access their sites via any device that has an internet connection.

India is still on the road to boosting the growth of broadband and thus the UIVS software is designed to work on very low bandwidth, permitting videos to be streamed even on 2G/3G speed. “With the help of IP health monitoring software, we detect the ongoing issue/malfunction in the CCTV cameras or the system. We inform our clients about the same via e-mails and telephonic calls so that the issue can be resolved at the earliest,” informs Sandeep.

The remote monitoring and mobile surveillance service is monitoring based on a triggered event by an analytic or hardware sensor. The solution
is outlined with certain prerequisites such as the property being vacant and if no one is authorized to be on your property, post which the remote monitoring will activate at the first sign of a threat. This solution works best when deployed at areas such as construction sites, electrical substations, gated areas and so on with a definable parameter and places with authorized access only. This is achieved via the combination of UIVS’s advanced recognition software, specialized video analytics, and off-site live video monitoring.

CCTV Monitoring as a solution for safety and security is only one side of the coin. It can deliver tremendous results if it is strategically positioned, thus improving efficiency, productivity, pilferage control, labour management, quality control and inventory management

Ensuring Impenetrable Security
If we delve deeper to gain a proper understanding of the workings of this solution, monitoring supervisors leverage video analytics to pinpoint whether the threat that was raised is of criminal nature or caused by an accident. This decision is reached with the amalgamation of real-time data that is analyzed by the designated supervisor remotely who provides continual feedback and the status of what is happening on the site. Depending on the scale of the threat identified, the concerned authorities will be notified, and onsite audio deterrents will be activated.

Striving for perfection, the team at UIVS consists of highly qualified surveillance executives who undergo a rigorous training program. This program encapsulates potential threats that can be encountered in various scenarios and the strategies adopted to identify these threats and the necessary action to be taken. “By the end of this program these executives become experts in their field thereby providing maximum security at client site with the help of our surveillance system,” adds Simarjeet.

An end-to-end solution provider, UIVS’s solution is not limited to only the provision of security. The live surveillance solution can be utilized to bolster the organizations’ day-to-day operations and bring a sense of discipline. The designated monitoring supervisor keeps a track of all the vehicles that have entered and exited the premises, unit production, man-hours leakage, pilferage, and all the restricted activities like smoking, consumption of alcohol and tobacco within the premises. The accumulated data is converted into a report that is sent across to the client thus providing a holistic view of the business operations on daily basis. Additionally, if required, the team performs live reporting to site supervisor where the action is needed to be taken immediately.

Founded in 2017, UIVS has worked with a broad spectrum of clients and are currently working with construction companies, societies and gated communities, schools and factories; identifying possible threats and securing premises. Simarjeet reveals the company’s future plans as he signs off, “In the future, we plan to take Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar cities under surveillance as a part of smart city project.”

Enabling Higher Roi
UIVS is proving to be one of the market leaders with its portfolio of solutions and services catering to a myriad of industry verticals such as auto dealers, power plants, real estate, jewellers, oil and gas, construction and schools and colleges. The construction industry is one such vertical that is gaining traction in this market. The motive behind such widespread adoption of video surveillance solutions in this industry is due to the involvementof huge investments on every project in terms of raw materials and labour in addition to businesses suffering as this line of work is highly prone to theft and losses. “these companies don’t just incur losses in terms of theft, but they have to complete a project in a determined timeline. But due to weak operations and weak control these timelines are never matched resulting in losses or even contract cancellation,” elaborates sandeep.

Successfully eliminating these industry woes, uivscomes to the fore with its intelligent and novel software that proffers a report comprising the progress of each project on a daily basis attached with photographs and videos of the construction site. This report can be used to keep a log of the progress of the project and compare it with the set targets thereby handing over complete control over site and its operations, thus minimizing all the pilferage and losses.

In fact, statistics show that construction companies book close to 1.5- 2 percent as pilferage and losses of their total construction budget. This percentage is brought down to almost zero with the help of uivs surveillance systems. This also leads to an increase in their profits and reduction in cost.