Amplus Global: Cloud-Based Video Surveillance Systems To Ensure Safety And Security

CIO Vendor Nowadays, smart video surveillance systems and CCTVs which provide assistance in postincident investigations and help in taking preventive measures for unforeseen incidents have become an essential part of our lives. Increased crime rate, traffic accidents, terrorist activities and push for smart cities have forced governments to rely on the video surveillance systems to ensure safety and security to the citizens. So, the importance of smart video surveillance systems has increased across the globe. However, smart video surveillance is not just about monitoring, recording and storing of video footage rather it involves integration with various systems and requires throughout analysis of security scenario. Many video surveillance installations often fail due to lack of interoperability between the standalone video surveillance systems and existing physical security guards. This is where Amplus Global, a company with a strong pedigree in the security industry comes into the picture by providing integrated security systems.

End-to-end Security Services

Amplus Global provides dynamic video surveillance systems to Banks, Corporate Offices, Factories and Manufacturing Plants, Highways, and various other government projects by conducting throughout analysis. The company offers intrusion alarms equipped with advanced technology to protect jewellery shops, posh boutiques, banks, commercial property etc from theft and wrongdoing. The company also provides wireless smoke detectors and fire alarm systems made with the state of art mechanism which detect burns or smokes to protect from the massive fire explosions. “We are an integrated video surveillance solution provider offering end-to-end security services to keep the home or workplace safe from all the intruders and misconducts. We provide cloudbased video surveillance systems by integrating physical security with smart security systems to enhance security. We offer Safe Home Surveillance services to our clients
by setting-up smart surveillance systems and monitor the client’s premises from our 24*7 control rooms. We also provide surveillance services on the temporary basis i.e. when the people are away from home for a month or so. And if there is anything wrong, we give triggers to the owners on email, WhatsApp and on-call,” informs Himanshu Patel, Director.

Event Monitoring and GPS Vehicle Tracking
Amplus Global provides rental surveillance services to government agencies, event organizers and expose by monitoring their projects and ventures with its advanced technology security system to ensure safety and security from the adversities. The company provides Manpower support and Technical support for large scale projects. It offers event staffing and security services including ushers, crowd control professionals, field security, concert security and metal detecting equipment for both private and government events.

We are an integrated video surveillance solution provider offering end-to-end security services to keep the home or workplace safe from all the intruders and misconducts

In addition to staffing services, Amplus Global also provides consulting services related to event Security planning, crowd management, threat assessments and crisis response. The company provides GPS vehicle tracking and video surveillance systems for school buses and other transportation systems to optimize routes, track and monitor vehicles in real time.

“Currently, we are doing a lot of surveillance projects in Smart City, Smart Schools, and Factories. With a focus on the service side of the surveillance, we are working on to integrate the new technology like AI, video analytics within the surveillance systems to provide extensive insights to our clients,” concludes Himanshu Patel.