ZeroMiles - Forging Seamless Communication and Collaboration

CIO Vendor Video communication, though effective and efficient on personal devices, poses a number of challenges while adopting it on a larger, enterprise-level scale. Complexity of the solution, limit of the video equipment to specialized rooms and inaccessibility on personal devices such as tablets and smart phones often lead to failure of most video communication strategies. Pankaj Jha, Director- Sales & Operations at Mumbai based ZeroMiles Technologies Services adds, "Scaling up is painful and expensive for businesses with a linear increase in the cost of enabling more locations for video collaborations.”

Leveraging an exhaustive array of solutions, applications and services, ZeroMiles is perfectly poised to address the aforementioned concerns while bringing forth in-demand skills to facilitate SOHO, SMBs and multinationals across continents. Driven by the vision to make video calls as easy and pervasive as telephone calls, ZeroMiles is spearheading the domain to not just improve but revolutionize the way organizations communicate, reducing the distance between parties as if they were ‘zero miles’ apart. Pankaj Jha delineates, “Protecting the existing investments in video conferencing, we blend on-premise solutions with cloud-based conferencing service enabling people to connect with each other anytime, any place and from any device with unmatched flexibility in scaling the services subscriptions up or down in terms of the number of users, features or functionalities in line with changing business needs.” Made available through on-premise delivery models as well as in the form of services in a private or public cloud, the solutions deployed by ZeroMiles enable organizations to scale while provisioning the solutions in minutes rather than in days or weeks.

Another major challenge that plagues the video conferencing segment is inter-operability with existing systems which despite being critical continues to remain untouched, making video collaboration an island amongst several tools in the organization.
ZeroMiles is steadily untangling each area where the concerns stem from innovative solutions that are rigorously tested and certified for performance. Ushering a homogeneous environment for collaboration, ZeroMiles integrates disparate systems which strengthen businesses. One of the major factors that enable the firm to deliver a key value addition is its ability to facilitate organizations with the right mix of solutions that fit seamlessly against unique business requirements, achieved by the amalgamation of in-depth research on best and emerging technologies with the homegrown and ready applications and software.

We blend on-premise solutions with cloud-based conferencing service enabling people to connect with each other anytime, any place and from any device

Apart from businesses, ZeroMiles also caters to government entities and educational institutions in every aspect of their collaborative environment, from audiovisual design and integration, to managed services and cloud video conferencing. An adept team of engineers and developers who bring to the table extensive experience in designing and delivering solutions for modern enterprises further enables the firm to create a strong distinction in the market. ZeroMiles is currently gearing up with a series of products and services launches planned that includes solutions for the education segment, subscription-based video intercom solutions, recording solutions for board meetings in compliance to legal and governance regulations and more.

Envisioning the future, an optimistic Pankaj Jha is confident that ZeroMiles with its passion for technical innovation and customer responsiveness, will continue enabling enterprises achieve better business results through use of simple and yet effective collaboration solutions overcoming traditional limitations.