Conferencing Solutions Modernizing the Workplace

By Vipin Pungalia, Director, Professional Segment, Sennheiser India | Tuesday, 26 May 2020, 06:12 IST

Offices are where different skills and individual talent combine to create something bigger together. Over the past ten years, offices have changed a lot in terms of design and technology. The workplace is constantly evolving and adapting to newer technologies and integrating design thinking. Technology is one of the most important growth factors of any company and plays a key role in marketing, recruiting, and communications amongst employees and with customers.

With the evolving technology, the ways of communication have evolved dramatically too. If we take a look at the evolution of the effective communication system, the first computers were introduced to the marketplace in 1975. The World Wide Web went live on August 6, 1991, followed by company issued cell-phones in the late 1990s - allowing employees to not only research information but also communicate via email and online message boards. Today, smartphones and 4G make any place a connected workplace. The workplace communication is being re-shaped through technological tools such as cloud computing and conferencing solutions - which enables companies to save on costs, experience better communication, and collaborate seamlessly from anywhere in the world. Many offices have built fully integrated immersive collaborative rooms that allow advanced work on complex projects, bringing people onsite into a single space that can also facilitate remote access. It results in a work environment which combines the best of both worlds: virtual collaboration and important face-to-face meetings - which is gaining traction to increase productivity.

The virtual office technology has removed workplace boundaries and has led to much faster business expansion. Technologies such as e-mails, conference calls, Skype calls, messenger chatbots and other channels of communication contribute highly to work productivity - none of this would have been possible without AV technology. Once you integrate technology solutions and address AV holistically, you are presented with a wide range of interesting possibilities - from globally broadcast town hall events, various product launches to area-specific informationand alerts. This integrated corporate communication system is especially crucial at a time when employees are working from home due to the unfortunate Coronavirus outbreak for seamless coordination.

Better communication is the key to effective teamwork and business growth. As digital technologies accelerate the pace of modern business and enable more agile, flexible working practices, poor sound during conference calls along with other audio problems can decrease business efficiency. The communication can go on even if the video fails; however, you can’t communicate anything with video on its own, hence making audio the most crucial part of effective communication. One technology that is increasing productivity today is the audio speakers. Today’s speakers come in various shapes and sizes as per the requirements. It can be mounted on the walls, on the ceilings, or can be carried around anywhere. The technology in the conferencing solutions is paving a way for clearer communications which in turn is helping businesses to get meetings done within the comfort of the office or home. Modern teleconferencing equipment can also be integrated with today’s wireless mobile devices which allows businesses to run smoothly regardless of the location. This makes it easier to be more involved and partake in business decisions. At Sennheiser, we offer various audio solutions which make sure that every word will reach the audience in a crystal-clear manner. The TeamConnect Ceiling 2 by Sennheiser is a ceiling microphone which comes with patented automatic beam forming technology through which messages are clearly transmitted to external meeting participants from anywhere in the meeting room allowing the participants to move freely and flexibly in the room.

Furthermore, one can optimise their digital workflows with Sennheiser’s Control Cockpit software through which the microphone can be easily controlled and monitored from anywhere in the corporate network. The benefits of audio-visual technology integration for businesses are endless and ever-growing. During this unprecedented time, when the threat of COVID-19 triggered a serious global crisis, there is a great deal of fear surrounding the disease - which is often fuelled by widespread misinformation. Separating truth from outright falsehoods can be a daunting task - the overabundance of information makes it hard for people to find reliable guidance. It becomes all the more crucial for companies and brands to communicate effectively to their employees, customers, and stakeholders in order to prevent any misinformation. When the communication is done well, it helps manage people’s expectations and fears – making the whole process manageable.

Technology is constantly changing the way we collaborate as we are no longer chained to our desks but rather have a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone in hand. In today's highly competitive market, technology has changed the scenario of work culture in a massive way. Enterprises around the globe are thriving for the top position with the inclusion of the latest technology in their workplace. It has defined in what makes a workplace successful and productive - by integrating ourselves into a more collaborative workforce. 

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